How to buy TFT on BSC

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3 min readFeb 26, 2021

How to buy cryptocurrency (TFT) on Binance Smart Chain; JulSwap

Step 1: Connecting MetaMask wallet to Binance Smart Chain

· Go to your MetaMask wallet.

· Click on ‘Ethereum Mainnet’ at the top.

· A drop-down menu appears, click on ‘Custom RPC’.

· Go to MetaMask Guides to find details that need to be entered in the boxes.

· Under ‘Network Name’ fill in with Binance Smart Chain. Fill up the boxes as indicated in the picture below. Then click ‘save’.

· You should get a window displaying ‘Binance Smart Chain’ instead of ‘Ethereum Mainnet’.

Step 2: Making swaps on JulSwap/ How to buy TFT on JulSwap using BNB tokens

· Go to JulSwap.

· Click on ‘Connect to a wallet’ in the top right corner then choose ‘MetaMask’ at the top of the list.

· You should see your BNB balance displayed.

· To do the swap, click on ‘select a token’, then enter the contract address of TFT. Important: only use this official contract address provided at BscScan.

Address: 0xa9d3fa202b4915c3eca496b0e7db41567cfa031c

· Next, enter the amount of BNB you’d like to spend. An estimated amount of TFT you are going to buy is automatically displayed. You’ll see both, price impact and the fees you have to pay.

· Click on ‘Swap’ and then on ‘Confirm Swap’ after reading through the transaction details.

· You’ll see a pop-up from your MetaMask. Check that everything is correct and click on ‘Confirm’.

· After some time, you’ll get a pop-up from MetaMask to show that the transaction is completed. Once the transaction is updated you can see your BNB balance and TFT balance.

· The balance is also updated on the MetaMask wallet. You can check by clicking on ‘Assets’.

· If the token is not already in your MetaMask asset list, check out how to add a new token to your asset list.



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