How to buy The Famous Token


Contract adress: 0xaef4f02e31cdbf007f8d98da4ae365188a0e9ecc

Go directly to Uniswap (


Click on the select token and it opens up a drop-down window

Paste the contract address on the button written, “search name or paste address’ contract adress: 0xaef4f02e31cdbf007f8d98da4ae365188a0e9ecc

Select TFT

The token will be added on the list and you can then connect your wallet to buy the token.

Click on ‘connect wallet’ to connect your metamask wallet.

After you bought $TFT you can add them on your Metamask wallet:

“Token Hinzufügen/Add token”

paste contract adress: 0xaef4f02e31cdbf007f8d98da4ae365188a0e9ecc
Press Token hinzufügen/add token

Additional Information:



The Famous Token

The Famous Token is a brand new Defi project that digitizes the value of famous people. There will only be 100.000 Famous Token & 1 NFT card per famous person.