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The Famous Token
5 min readJan 17, 2021

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Executive Overview

With the every-day advancement in technology & data analytics, information has become such a vital tool of the internet. High valued assets & global currencies get traded through decentralized, peer-to-peer block-chain networks. The Famous Token, later on, referred to as TFT, is a solution that introduces cryptocurrency trading on celebrities’ fame and other famous personalities. A valued asset or celebrity is traded on the network & a digital signature is embed on the original token. The TFT digitalizes the value of artists, famous people & rare objects. A global, secure & dedicated network that is open to the world, agile & flexible to change. Value is the worth that we give to something, and people are valuable. With TFT, we can now digitize this value. We are creating a hassle-free value transfer system that is secure from risks & vulnerabilities experienced in other systems.


With the high-scale advancement of technology in the 21st century, digital transformation across the globe has seen physical information transformed into digital. This high scale digitization has unraveled the need for decentralized value-transfer systems to foster success in the transfer of digital by the trading of asset tokens representing their value. With the introduction of decentralized peer-to-peer networks, it is now easy to transact the value of assets without the need for a third-party trust agency/company. TFT is a cryptocurrency token forked from the Meme Token & focuses on trading global celebrity fame value hence contributing to the celebrity’s fame. While influencers earn money with likes & follow on popular platforms on the internet, it is now possible to give them a monetary value for their fame.

The famous token has the following key attributes:

· Simplicity: — The famous token is designed to be simple & easy to use. This has been made possible by the fact that it can be interchanged, merged with trading platforms & interacts with other currencies as smart contracts.

· Flexibility: — The token can easily interact with other currencies & be compatible with the decentralized application (DApps).

· Agility: — It uses a continual development & delivery approach, giving it a flexible response to change.

· Security: — Since the token is derived from Ethereum (ETH), the token is secure as it is based on a peer-to-peer, decentralized network. There is no involvement of a third-party to establish trust. The trust is established by cryptographic algorithms.


When we look around ourselves, we see a lot of talent. With the increase in digital transformation across the globe, the world is more like a village than it was years before. A global, shared & secure value-transfer system is required to help with the situation at hand. The value transfer system should contribute to the growth of the talent & the investors while establishing trust within the involved parties. A secure system that keeps a ledger of all the transactions within the network & with a global reach.

How it Works

TFT is a decentralized fame market. Since the TFT is created from an ethereum, smart contract, an ICO is issued to the public through a public sale. The ICO is issued in exchange for ether & other digital currencies that are interchangeable with cryptocurrencies. The fame market allows users to stake the TFT on the website and earn “cards” with these cards you can buy a picture/meme that represents the digital value of a famous person.

You farm limited NFTs!

There will be just one picture of that person buyable on The FTF platform. This picture will have a digital signature that will be verifiable and immutable.

They are available to anyone who wants to participate; as a result, they may add more value to the fame of a celebrity. As the fame of the celebrity increases, the value of the picture will increase because it represents the famous person & they want to have the rare, unique representation of the famous person. This means that we get to transfer the physical value of the person to a digital value.

The TFT platform has a total supply of 100.000 tokens, with 37% publicly available & circulating in the market. 35% of the total tokens are locked and set to be released into the circulatory market after the first 12 months coming after the first public sale.

By staking TFT you can earn cards which you’ll need to be able to mint a picture of a famous person. The cards are burnt, immediately after the purchase of the picture. You can choose to hold the picture or sell it to another participant.

For fair NFT minting, we only use ETH-TFT-UNI-V2_LP pool and there will be a maximum amount that can be staked…

Farm The Famous People

Establishing Value for TFT

The value of the TFT is determined based on what the market is willing to pay. To increase this value, a communication plan for the token sale is put in place for the token on the largest investment platforms for investing in equity & token. Good publicity & a well-distributed user base is essential for the value of TFT.

Advantages of TFT Tokens

· It is easy to trade the TFT tokens on the Ethereum platform; this is made possible by the fact that the tokens are compatible & interchangeable with other digital assets on the blockchain.

· The TFT’s have a uniform and speedy transaction. Unlike other traditional value transfer methods, the transfer of assets to cryptocurrencies is immediate & quick.

· The tokens are accepted across the globe and can easily be transferred to digital assets, native currency, or other cryptocurrencies. This makes it a universal solution to a universal problem.

TFT White Paper — The Famous Token


The entertainment industry, which is one of the honeypots for TFT, is experiencing a volatile digital transformation. Digital value is on the rise for popular brands. The crypto industry is flourishing and has the power to solve problems that we experience while the investors & token holders benefit. TFT will provide a quick, flexible & agile environment for the value transfer of famous people & products. Advancing fame trade to the crypto industry is the future of trading within the fame industry. The TFT tokens will bring a revolution across different industries in a way that is secure & innovative while giving returns to all investors involved.



The Famous Token

The Famous Token is a brand new Defi project that digitizes the value of famous people. There will only be 100.000 Famous Token & 1 NFT card per famous person.