You can now buy TFT using your Trust wallet from Julswap. Julswap is a decentralized exchange for tokens on the BSC network. From the platform, you can buy TFTs in seconds and with the least gas fees. The process has never been simpler!

1. The first step is funding your trust wallet with BNB. Trust wallet allows you to buy BNB using your debit or credit card directly. Also, you can spend as little as $50 to buy BNB.

2. After funding your trust wallet with BNB, go to on the trust wallet DApps browser.

3. Next, change Eth…

1. Why NFTs?

The rise of the internet meant everyone can view an item or piece of art for free. But did you know that recently an artist Beeple (aka Mark Winkleman) flipped a video clip for $6.6 million? Well, how did he do it? The answer is NFT.

So, what is NFT and why is it becoming so popular? NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are a new set of digital assets whose ownership is recorded on a blockchain. A single NFT acts as a collector’s item and cannot be duplicated, hence it becomes rare. …

Step 1: Connecting MetaMask wallet to Binance Smart Chain and add TFT Token

· Go to your MetaMask wallet.

· Click on ‘Ethereum Mainnet’ at the top.

How to buy cryptocurrency (TFT) on Binance Smart Chain; JulSwap

Step 1: Connecting MetaMask wallet to Binance Smart Chain

· Go to your MetaMask wallet.

· Click on ‘Ethereum Mainnet’ at the top.

1. Is the project audited?

Yes, the community has voted to make the audit from (WOR) war on rugs. We have successfully passed the audit and your funds are safe.

2. How to stake $TFT and earn cards to mint an artwork?

Please follow the link:

3. Who are the next famous NFTs?

If you would like someone to be listed please make a proposal on our decentralized voting platform:

You need to connect to your Metamask wallet for this.

4. How many cards do I need for 1 NFT?

This depends on the NFT. For the golden…

You can now start staking TFT tokens to earn crypto collectibles.

Step by Step Guide on How to Stake:

First, you need to buy the Famous token and add it to your MetaMask wallet (described in ‘How to buy The Famous Token’).

Second, go to the Uniswap pool page and connect your MetaMask wallet by pressing the ‘Connect Wallet’ button. Type the button ‘Add Liquidity’ to see the following box.

Add liquidity on Uniswap

Next, click on ‘select a token’ and then paste the TFT contract address on the space given. Then select the TFT token that appears.

Contract addess: 0xaef4f02e31cdbf007f8d98da4ae365188a0e9ecc

How to buy Tokens on Uniswap

If you don’t own a Metamask crypto wallet, the first step would be getting one. There are other wallet options but MetaMask is the most trusted and stable wallet to use. Almost all Uniswapers use MetaMask.

Next you need to transfer ETH to your metamask wallet.

Go to CoinGecko and type the name of the coin you’d like to buy under search on the right hand side of the page.

Buy TFT on Coingecko

Select the token. Click on the pair (TFT/ETH)

Contract adress: 0xaef4f02e31cdbf007f8d98da4ae365188a0e9ecc

Go directly to Uniswap (


Click on the select token and it opens up a drop-down window

Contract Adress: 0xaef4f02e31cdbf007f8d98da4ae365188a0e9ecc

1.The required links will be provided on the official Twitter and Telegram channels.

Note: Remember to watch out! We will only post the link on our official channels and at the specified time. Treat other links as fake.

2. After following the original link, you’ll need to connect your wallet of choice.

TFT Contract Address — 0xaef4f02e31cdbf007f8d98da4ae365188a0e9ecc

Executive Overview

With the every-day advancement in technology & data analytics, information has become such a vital tool of the internet. High valued assets & global currencies get traded through decentralized, peer-to-peer block-chain networks. The Famous Token, later on, referred to as TFT, is a solution that introduces cryptocurrency trading on celebrities’ fame and other famous personalities. A valued asset or celebrity is traded on the network & a digital signature is embed on the original token. The TFT digitalizes the value of artists, famous people & rare objects. A global, secure & dedicated network…

The Famous Token

The Famous Token is a brand new Defi project that digitizes the value of famous people. There will only be 100.000 Famous Token & 1 NFT card per famous person.

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